venus factor

Pumped-Up, Muscle-Bound Women Wish They’d Considered the Venus Factor

Women on the fat side naturally want to shed pounds and get themselves the bodies they think they deserve, but sadly there are many pitfalls when seeking to turn obesity around.

Apart from the fact that many fat folk are lazy, which means their instinct is to dodge exertion wherever and whenever they can, fat women also face other problems. To put it plainly, exercising in the wrong manner can lead to gals dropping pounds but at the same time acquiring a body profile that does not fit with their needs or aspirations.

Women may not have given the matter much thought, but classical feminine beauty is the name of the game when it comes to attracting the roving eye of the male of the species. However, that classical look gets sabotaged when women go too deeply into the iron game. That’s because pumping iron and weights is liable to build up muscles in places where women usually don’t have them. This tends to make women look pumped up and decidedly more masculine.

venus factorUnderstanding that there’s a happy medium when it comes to physical exertion is an essential piece of the puzzle for any woman who wishes to drop pounds and also have a trim, feminine body. The question is, how should women avoid falling into the muscle-bound trap? If they sign up at the gym, what are the chances of them dodging this outcome?

To be fair, many of the fitness trainers and instructors at gymnasiums are male, and their routines are heavily geared to the needs of men. The chances are that when women sign on the dotted line for gym membership, they could easily get lumped in with a class that will spell disaster for them in the long run.

It is essential for women to use a fitness program that is based on the principles of the venus factor. This is the idea, proven by academic research to be true, that certain body proportions have pretty much always been the accepted norm for feminine beauty. While some fitness routines will definitely take women towards a venus-style body, others will see them getting pumped up in a much more masculine style.

The trick for women wishing to go the venus route is to use Google to search for gyms in their local area that are geared up for female clients. In some cities, such gyms are numerous, and women will have no problems finding one that suits their needs. On the other hand, gyms that favor ladies may be thin on the ground in some neighborhoods, in which case women could find themselves stuck at first base.

Women who are stymied when looking for a great local gym should know that products sold on the internet can teach them how to perform fantastic routines in their own homes. In other words, there may be no need to use a gym at all like what many have said in these venus factor reviews. All the signs are that women using these programs are able to lose weight in fine style and at the same time acquire a body that accords with timeless venus principles.

old school new body

Old School New Body Produces Immense Fitness Gains for Seniors and Mature People

Sometimes it seems as if the dice is loaded against you when you get to a certain age. Whereas you may have found it easy as pie to build up a great body in your youth, is the same true today? Most likely you will find that building lean muscles and dropping major pounds are a big ask in mid-life. But, why is this and what can older folks do to redress the situation?

To be fair, when you get into the more mature and senior phase of your life, your body is not likely to respond the same way as it did when you were a nipper. That means standard exertion programs are less likely to pay off with a positive result for older people.

But one factor that certainly makes matters worse for mature people is the way gym instructors are totally geared to the workout needs of youngsters. If an older person signs on the dotted line for gym membership, they are likely to find themselves getting driven much too hard by the instructor. The problem is instructors are mostly youngsters themselves, so they see things only from their own narrow perspective. In other words, they do not understand that older gym users’ bods are likely to creak and even give up the ghost when forced to follow an exertion routine dreamed up by a slavedriver!

old school new bodyApart from the fact that they cannot work at the pace demanded by obsessive, sometimes sadistic gymnasium personnel, older people will more than likely find that the results are not all they are cracked up to be. This could be because older bodies burn fat and build muscle in a different kind of way. Basically, there is no substitute for using an exertion and nutrition program that is designed to be a much better fit with the needs of oldsters.

Mature bodybuilders and workout fiends should know that the best bet, product-wise, would be something along the lines of Old School New Body. This product, along with similar ones, is tailored to what older folk can do and what their bods can actually deliver.

The great advantage of the above program is that it allows users with different levels of ability and experience to get a piece of the body- and muscle-building action with the minimum discomfort and hassle which is very evident in the old school new body user reviews. Beginners are catered for nicely, and the program author eases them into the demands of the program but with the minimum of fuss.

On the other side of the coin, individuals who are already well versed in bodybuilding lore and ‘know the ropes’, so to speak, will not find themselves stymied by having to perform routines that are too basic or gentle. They can skip the beginners’ phase and get straight down to the meat of the program; thus, they’ll be getting great results in a matter of just days.

Basically, older people are throwing away their potential by wasting long hours at the gym working too hard on punishing routines that are not tailored to the specifics of their bodies. They should take a look at programs like the above without a moment’s further delay.

turbulence training

Turbulence Training at Home Beats the Gym in Every Way

Compared to even ten years ago, body- and muscle-building has skyrocketed in popularity. The numbers of men (and also women) wanting to grab themselves a piece of the iron pie is simply phenomenal. Sadly, however, not everyone who takes up the activity gets exactly what they bargained for.

You would think that dropping pounds of excess fat and building up a nice set of lean muscles would be a universally positive outcome for those who embark on a muscle-building program. Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of ways that things can go badly wrong. A lot of the time, the problem is lack of experience, so individuals make the wrong choices.

Newcomers to pumping iron frequently make a crucial error, which is to jump in too deep, too early. They sign on the dotted line at their local fitness center in the belief they can get the body they want in a matter of a few short weeks of incredibly intensive activity. Unfortunately, what often happens is they injure themselves, sometimes quite grievously. The problem often lies with over-zealous gym instructors who are happy to include rookies in exercise classes designed for seasoned pros.

turbulence trainingThe idea that a beginner can perform the same routines as an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder is as crazy as they come. Yet, it doesn’t stop instructors who are focused on a numbers game from playing fast and loose with the physical safety of their inexperienced clients. Driving these people too hard can sometimes put them in the hospital. In actual fact, there have been a few law suits where gymnasium users who sustained injury have successfully sued these rogue instructors and won gigantic compensation sums. Nevertheless, a financial payout – however large it may be – can never fully compensate for physical injury and lasting damage to the body.

Truly the best bet for newbies to the iron game is to avoid trying to run before you have mastered the act of walking. In other words, you need to make damn sure that you begin with routines that are entirely suitable for beginners to lifting weights. But selecting a suitable weights class can be a hit or miss affair, which is where certain online programs can be a better bet than just taking pot luck at your local gym.

Products like Turbulence Training are carefully tailored to fit with the needs of bodybuilders with a wide range of abilities. Newbies can make the program their foundation in ironwork, but it is also eminently suitable for individuals who have grasped the basics and therefore require something quite a bit more advanced.

Designed in most cases by master bodybuilders, programs like the one mentioned above are responsible for a bodybuilding revolution in the making. Users have to shell out a one-time fee for purchasing the programs, but they get reliable instruction, plus they are perfectly placed to dodge exorbitant ongoing gymnasium subscription fees. This has to be a no-brainer for anyone who is thinking seriously of getting into bodybuilding and physical exertion in 2015.

magnetic messaging

Magnetic Messaging is the Best Cure for a Jaded Relationship

If your relationship with your significant other seems to have gone off the boil lately, you should not let matters fester, because doing so will generally only lead to things getting even worse. Instead, you should perform a relationship audit and look at ways to get your love affair back to how it was at the beginning.

The sad fact about relationships is they can start off amazingly well but go sour very easily. While it is true that some relationships just seem to stay on an even keel without the people involved seemingly having to make much effort, the situation is very different for many. Therefore, unless you are very fortunate, you cannot expect your relationship to remain in a tip top state without some intervention on your part. The question is what are some things that can inject some positivity back into a relationship?

Broadly speaking, the problem with many relationships is that, after a while, people start to take each other for granted. They converse less and less, and this leads to a weakening of the bond that was built when they first got together. Pretty soon, a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend can become like a stranger, because individuals are more interested in their own petty concerns than each other.

magnetic messagingThere is no substitute for communication in relationships, because it builds bridges and renews bonds, often without these effects being immediately noticeable. However, there is no dodging the fact that many people lead pretty busy daily lifestyles, so they are not necessarily spending an awful lot of time in each other’s company in any one twenty-four-hour period. So, what to do?

Luckily, there’s a way around this impasse, through the modern technology we more or less all have access to, at least in the Western world. The smart phones we thoughtlessly stuff in our pockets or inside our purses are actually the secret weapon that enables us to keep in touch with our loved ones, even when they are many miles away. In other words, we can text or email them at any time.

Of course, some people are not great wordsmiths, so they may fear messaging is not for them, because they cannot think of what to say. However, products like Magnetic Messaging can help out a lot, by furnishing such individuals with example texts that they can simply read any magnetic messaging review and use for themselves. Available online for a modest fee, such programs are a godsend for folks who lack texting skills.

Sending cheery, loving text messages can do a power of good for any relationship that has hit the doldrums, because it shows the recipient that the sender cares enough to get on their phone and tap out a few nice words. Instead of simply whiling away the hours refreshing Facebook and Twitter, they were thoughtful enough to reach out to their lover.

And, with the help of products like the one mentioned above, nobody is in a position where they are unable to get a piece of this pie. Simply put, people in relationships have all the tools they need to keep their lovers sweet – they simply need to make the effort and be proactive in maintaining the health of their relationship.

boost your bust

Alternative Products Are Your Only Chance to Boost Your Bust

In a world where having an ample bosom is considered a prerequisite for attracting men, some women are obviously left in the shade somewhat. In other words, if they are flat chested, their options for snagging romantic and sexual partners could be quite limited. The question is whether or not it’s in their power to ring any changes in this area.

While it is fair to say that there have always been flat-chested gals, and some men are happy to fall in love with them, nevertheless, women with larger busts have tended to get first choice when picking husbands. That means there has always been a market for products that claim to be able to show a women how to increase her bust size.

Conventional medical experts have no time for bust booster products, believing them to be fraudulent to the core. No doctor has ever endorsed these products, so if you are a woman who wants this kind of enhancement, you had better accept that your doctor will condemn you for going looking for solutions in the alternative arena.

boost your bustSome women may be worried that breast enhancement products do not have the seal of approval from mainstream medicine, but why should they worry themselves with the niceties of the matter? If you want to boost your bust, you might as well concentrate on the task at hand and forget any social stigma associated with the methods you use to achieve your goal.

It pays to forget the advice proffered by mainstream medics regarding breast boosting. They have had their say, so why indulge them a moment longer? Rather, it is a better idea to go into the online marketplace and start evaluating the products that are sold there. To be sure, not all of them are likely to be trustworthy – indeed, some of them are undoubtedly cheap scams – BUT there is treasure hidden among the dross, as well.

The best breast boosters are based on sound scientific knowledge. While the creators of these programs may not have learned what they know at college, it cannot be gainsaid that they have a ton of practical knowledge, and that they have potentially unlocked boost your bust secrets that are unknown to the average medico.

According to some alternative practitioners, kick-starting the body’s production of human growing hormones (HGH) is the key to ramping up bosom size in women. There are apparently a wide variety of healthy, all-natural foods that are good for switching on HGH, even in women who are well past adolescence.

Furthermore, if women take the time and trouble to do certain exercise routines on a daily basis, this will further improve the look of their bust, which is likely to beome greatly firmer and less saggy.

Of course, naysayers – whether medically qualified or not – will insist that women who shell out good money for breast boosters are wasting every penny of it, but these people simply shoot from the sidelines. They have not actually tried the products in question so they have no right whatsoever to snipe or criticize when they have no personal knowledge of whether the product works a treat or not.

adonis golden ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio Could Spell Revolution in the Iron Game

Men who find that they have put on weight and want to slim down often use gym work as part of their fat loss campaign; however, it is not uncommon for these men to get fairly obsessed with their exertion routines at the gym, and this can lead to them getting badly mishapen in terms of their overall body profile. Sadly, this is one of the negative side effects of the drive towards greater fitness and weight loss in today’s society.

In former days, most of the population led lives that were far from sedentary; furthermore, their diets were more moderate in the main, and they were less prone to self-indulgence of an evening. The net result of all this is that obesity was much less of a problem in the past than it is today.

These days, with obesity figures spiking, there’s great emphasis on the need for physical exercise to play a role in getting fat people slimmed down. Unfortunately, men who choose to get involved in the gymnasium culture typically find that they get sucked into a far-from-healthy mindset.

adonis golden ratioIn the gym game, bulging muscles are generally prized, even when the general public are not keen on that kind of body look. Meanwhile, in the inner sanctum of the gym, various users club together and tell each other that they are going about physical exercise in the right way and the final look is one to die for. This is patently madness, but it doesn’t stop lots of men from sprinting pell-mell towards their own destruction.

Experts on male physique have looked into this subject and they say that the Adonis Golden Ratio Workout is what fat men should really be aiming for. Instead of beefing up their bodies to the point that they look like freakish apes, they should be targeting the development of a body that conforms to the norms and standards of Ancient Greece.

In his time, Adonis was said to be the epitome of beauty in a male, and you can bet that his physique was impressive, but at the same time it was far from being pumped up like today’s gym gorillas. Rather than getting carried away in efforts to make their muscles bulge unfeasibly, men should rather be targeting well-balanced exertion that makes them more like the Ancient Greek heroes of antiquity.

In addition to pleasing themselves, men who take the time and trouble to go about gym work in the right way should know that they stand to score with women, too. Ladies are known to be pretty much internally hard-wired to favor gents who have body profiles that fit within certain classical limits.

As the news spreads, gymnasium freaks are likely to get the message eventually, although a few fanatics may persist in the belief that their pumped-up bodies are attractive in some way. More fool them!

Meanwhile, sensible men will be voting with their feet and using well-designed iron and other gym work to achieve a body that is genuinely awe-inspiring. This will be a great step forward in the iron game and it cannot come a moment too soon.

grow taller 4 idiots

Grow Taller 4 Idiots – the Secrets of Extra Growth at Your Fingertips

As their teenage years come to an end, boys who have failed to put on a major growth spurt may become gloomy at the prospects for their lives going forward. That’s because tall men tend to enjoy a raft of benefits accruing from their stature. By contrast, diminutive males get kicked to the bottom of the pecking order.

The advantages gained by men who are tall have been there throughout recorded history. Warriors, for example, always stood a better chance of triumphing in battle if they were tall. While you cannot eliminate prowess with arms from the equation, there is no escaping the simple fact that, in a fair fight, a six-foot man-at-arms was more likely to put a five-footer in his grave. However valiant the smaller man may have been, he was on a hiding to nothing, because his enemy towered above him and quite likely possessed much greater physical strength.

grow taller 4 idiotsIn today’s more peaceful world, such considerations are obviously less important, but that doesn’t mean the nightmare ends for smaller men. When they go into the corporate and commercial world, they are likely to find that their progress is blocked off and tall men get all the promotions and plaudits on offer. Meanwhile, men who are short are left languishing in a more subdordinate role, forced on a daily basis to do tall men’s bidding.

In matters of love, once again, short men get the worst deal by far. Women tend to favor tall males, and time after time they choose them as boyfriends and husbands. That means shorties have to put up with limited choices of romantic partners, and in some cases they could spend their entire lives alone and unwanted.

In light of these major issues, it is hardly a surprise that young males finding themselves in the frame for drawing the short straw look for a way out of their problems. To this end, a number of products exist that could, in theory at least, turn the situation round for shorties and enable them to get a seat at the top table.

Programs such as grow taller 4 Idiots propose that it is possible for a short young man to take his destiny in his own hands. By altering his daily diet, he could be in a position to add significant additional inches of growth, even at a very late stage.

Comventional medics scoff at the notion that men in their twenties can grow more as a consequence of switching up their food intake. But the reality of the situation is that human growth hormones can and do hold the key for extra growth. If a man can get his body to kick-start output of HGH, it is claimed that more growth WILL be the final result.

The bottom line for short teenagers and young men is that doing nothing will not produce more growth. Thus, rather than taking pot shots at these products and claiming them to be worthless, it makes more sense to reach for your credit card and give them a try, before it’s too late.

text the romance back

Leave NOTHING to Chance – Text the Romance Back

People in relationships who are dismayed that the ‘fizz’ seems to have gone AWOL should know that there is no point moping about this sad state of affairs. If you remain passive and do nothing to stop the rot, things will only get worse going forward. Rather, you must take the bull by the horns and do whatever is in your power to put some romance back into the situation.

There are many different reasons why lovers lose interest in their significant others. In many instances, the people involved settle into a pattern of life where they cease to do interesting things on a daily basis. That can only be bad news for some, because excitement and romance is what they crave. If it is denied them, particularly in this day and age, their natural response is to consider leaving pronto for pastures new.

text the romance backIt is to be deplored that some folks nowadays are completely lacking in backbone, and that they are pathetically unwilling to commit to a long-term relationship. That’s not good news for the boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives involved, but what can the people who are staring down the barrel of getting dumped do about it? Well, there’s actually a surprisingly easy way to turn such a failing or failed relationship around and get the person who’s contemplating upping sticks (or has already done so) back into the fold.

The method referred to involves the use of the latest and greatest mobile phone handsets that more or less everyone has tucked away in their purses and pockets today. According to some experts, if the owners of these phones were to get busy tapping out SMS messages to their lovers or former lovers, they could text the romance back in amazingly quick fashion.

The beauty of romantic texting is it enables smart phone owners to get the attention of their partners and exes straight away. Nobody can hide from an incoming text message – unless they turn the handset off (and few smart phone users are willing to do that), which means that romantic words and messages can be bombarded at the party concerned.

Provided they play their cards right, persons engaged in a romance texting campaign are said to be in with a shot of convincing their partner to stick with the relationship rather than leaving. But, what can people do to increase the odds of success, so as to leave as little as possible to chance?

One strategy that folks can use is to look at some of the self-help products out there that can teach individuals how to frame their texts to make them as effective as possible. Rather than saying things that could antagonize the recipient, text senders should read some of these self-help authors, who know a thing or two about saving relationships from disaster.

The massive advantage offered by the PDFs and books mentioned above is they usually include a section on example messages. This is especially helpful for people who are awkward when it comes to composing beguiling michael fiore text messages. Rather than using their own halting words, they can simply copy and paste from the many thousands of examples offered by the authors of the romance texting products mentioned above.

what men secretly want

Relationships Become Easier When You Understand What Men Secretly Want

In today’s dating game, both women and men sometimes find themselves second guessing what the other person is thinking. This leads to a whole host of misunderstandings, and in many cases perfectly good relationships fall to bits because of the fundmental understanding gap between males and females.

For women, especially, it can be hard to get a handle on the wayward creatures we call men. Many women try their best to fit in with their man’s desires and needs, or what they imagine those to be, but in many cases it does them a fat lot of good, because the men blow hot and cold when even weeks previously they may have appeared to be perfectly happy in the relationship.

This can be a nightmare for women, because they can get the rug pulled out from beneath them very swiftly and when they are least expecting it. And, when a man has upped sticks and departed, they are left wondering what it was they did wrong to drive him away.

what men secretly wantWomen who find that this pattern seems to be repeating itself in their lives had better sit up and take stock pronto. Unless they ring some changes in the way they interact with men, they could be staring down the barrel of lifelong disappointment in matters of the heart.

Perhaps the biggest problem for women today is that they may not understand what men secretly want. This is a puzzle that has exercised the minds of women for centuries, but to this day it is a well-kept secret that many men’s innermost desire is actually to get respect from a woman.

It follows from this that women who wheedle and whine when in a relationship may pay a heavy price in the long run. Along with respect, what men also want is a woman they can respect fully in return.

Sadly, some women resort to passive-aggressive tactics in relationships. When things start to go awry, they start sniping and belittling their men, which is literally the worst thing they could do in the circumstances, because it cuts off that vital respect so many men secretly crave. You should know how to get a man to commit. After a few weeks or months of that kind of treatment, many men find it intolerable, so they will cut their losses and walk out without a moment’s hesitation.

Trying to understand these things and then putting them into practice in terms of rescuing a relationship (or indeed starting a new one) can be rather difficult. It can be hard to change the habits of a lifetime, so this is where self-help books and computer programs can be of great assistance to women requiring effective solutions to these kinds of relationship problems.

The beauty of the internet era is that it has empowered a new wave of self-published authors who are flooding the market with some amazing material. Women can make use of these books, because the psychological insight contained in them will supplement their own knowledge and instincts. Many women say such products have made all the difference in improving their relationships with men.

ultimate herpes protocol

Boosting Your Immune System is the Ultimate Herpes Protocol

When herpes strikes, it sadly has the potential to ruin lives, sometimes for good. That’s because the victims of the herpes virus are mostly young and sometimes extremely vulnerable. Getting hit for six by this virus means that, for some, it spells the end of a life that is worth living.

Older people may struggle to understand why some young people would become depressed or even contemplate suicide as a consequence of getting a few, admittedly rather unsightly sores on their lips or elsewhere on their bods.

Maybe these old fogies should think back to their own younger days and try to remember what it felt like to be on the threshold of life. If herpes had come into their lives at that point, how would it have made them feel?

ultimate herpes protocolOf course, one factor that did not exist back in former times is the way the internet has enabled those with an abusive mindset to wreak havoc wherever they go. Online trolls and cyber-bullying fanatics have a playground at their fingertips when they log on to the web. They can persecute and abuse individuals in their social circle on Facebook and Instagram, which can lead to untold misery.

Naturally, a person’s physical appearance – possibly ruined by herpes – can often come into the frame and lead to an increase in the kind of abuse that is dished out online on a daily basis. The question is can a herpes victim do anything about it?

Well, apart from logging off from a wide variety of social media platforms, herpes victims need to look at the root causes of the abuse they are suffering. If they could find the ultimate herpes protocol, i.e. a radical treatment that would get rid of the visible signs and symptoms of the virus, they would be in a vastly improved position.

Sadly, doctors cannot provide a protocol of this kind. They are basically limited to dishing out medications that soothe the herpes sores and speed up the rate at which they heal. Thus, herpes patients who want something more than palliatives need to bite the bullet and start looking in other places for a solution.

Now, the good news is that herpes treatments are widely available on the internet. These products do not come with a stamp of approval from any regular medico, but nonetheless they are mighty popular with the general public. Of course, some will say that popularity only points to the gullibility of people when they are desperate for a cure for whatever ails them.

On the flipside, numerous the ultimate herpes protocol reviews and blog postings point to patients being genuinely delighted with some of these herpes treatments. Apparently, the products concerned show users how to change up their diets so as to strengthen the robustness of their immune systems, leading to their bodies fighting the herpes virus a lot harder.

When the body puts its ‘mind’ to it, it can fight viciously to eradicate invaders and foreign bodies. Thus, the herpes virus doesn’t stand a chance when it is up against an immune system that is operating at full efficiency.

make women want you

Make Women Want You – Learn How to Be a Pick-Up King

These days, there is a huge social stigma attached to being a loser in the dating game. That affects both men and women, no doubt, but certainly some would argue that men get the short end of the straw – because they are expected to make the first move. Therefore, men who get knocked back time after time when approaching women can find themselves in a dark place, with their self-esteem sometimes ripped to shreds.

There have always been winners and losers in the game of love. Some men are naturally more well endowed in terms of good looks and charm, not to mention wealth, and they therefore tend to reap rich rewards when they go in pursuit of females. But, on the flipside, there are men who, while being physically unattractive, have personalities that are so magnetic that they know how to attract girls.

make women want youUnfortunately, there are lots of men who fall between the cracks. They may be attractive, but their personalities are mean or dull as dishwater. Then there are men who are downright ugly and they have a personality to match!

Whatever category you fall into, if you are a man who has trouble getting women interested, you have probably wished time and time again that there was a way to make women want you. But is such a thing even possible? After all, it is pretty hard to get a leopard to change its spots.

Men who fail with women repeatedly need to look at their behavior patterns. The most likely scenario is they are driving women away with the things they say during casual conversation. (That assumes, of course, that they have no issues with personal hygiene, such as bad smells emanating from their clothes and/or bodies.)

Men who take the trouble to clean up their act in every possible way are likely to improve their success rate in attracting women. Experts in the pick-up game say that improved conversation, text messaging blitzes, and so-called key-locker techniques are all tools in a man’s armory. Combined, these factors can improve the odds by leaps and bounds.

One way for a man to make himself more attractive to females is to read a wide variety of self-help books, and there is certainly no harm in going down that road. Women tend to love a man who is well rounded, so picking up self-help jargon and lingo can be a turn-on for some females.

On the other hand, if a man wants fast results, it might be worth taking a good look at products specifically aimed at men wanting to improve their pick-up rate with women. These books and PDFs are generally written by men with some experience in this game, so they usually know their onions as regards what works and what doesn’t in pushing women’s buttons.

It is important to understand, however, that success with women won’t come simply from parroting lines learned from one of the books mentioned above. At the end of the day, men need to comprehend that attraction has to come from basic chemistry, not slick words that a man has not even thought of himself. To put it simply, there’s no harm trying but don’t expect miracles.

family survival system

After Charlie Hebdo Outrage, a Family Survival System is More Important Than Ever

Whenever you open a newspaper or turn on the TV news these days there seems to be a new danger facing the human race. It’s pretty much a lottery trying to work out which threat poses the greatest danger, but one thing you can be sure of is that the twenty-first century is shaping up to be a humdinger as regards global strife.

With the Charlie Hebdo slayings, and the defiant – some would say foolhardy – response of the French satirical magazine to stir up Muslims by publishing yet another front cover cartoon depicting their Prophet Muhammad, the potential for a major conflagration involving Islam and the Western world seems to have ramped up at least a hundred notches! The question is where does that leave folks who simply want to live a quiet life with their families?

family survival systemWith the war and terror drums beating more insistently, people with any sense are waking up to the realization that they had better do something – and fast! Otherwise, events could easily overtake them in the years ahead, with the result that they become merely a statistic in the rising death toll associated with war and strife.

However, it is one thing to perceive – correctly – that there is grave danger lying ahead, but quite another to work out a meaningful practical response to it. After all, folks who live in cities are pretty much like rats in a trap. Unless they get their asses out, they are really not in a good position to survive any looming societal breakdown.

Some people reckon they can tough it out in the city by making their homes into fortresses, packed with weapons, food supplies and so on. But the problem with this is that a crisis could last months or even years. Therefore, urban preppers’ food supply will eventually run out, leaving them seriously vulnerable to a raft of dangers lurking in the post-apocalyptic world beyond their front door.

Any reader seeking a family survival system for the risky years ahead should know that relocation out of the city is a vital component. Unless you make that move, you will be on a hiding to nothing. The misery that awaits you could even make you wish you had died quickly at the beginning along with the vast majority of humanity!

Rather than wasting your time wondering if your standard of living will drop like a stone as a consequence of quitting the city and giving up the lifestyle associated with it, it is time to grasp the nettle and decide where your true priorities lie – safeguarding the lives of yourself and your close family.

If you are somewhat clueless as to the best ways forward in organizing your survival plan, you should know that products exist that can help you an awful lot. You shouldn’t think of this as failure, because none of us can become survival experts overnight, so it stands to reason that we need a little help here and there putting a top class plan in place. The products referred to are available on the internet and, contrary to what you might think, they will not cost a bomb to purchase. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to take a gander at them.

skin whitening forever

Skin Whitening FOREVER, Without a Single Chemical

Historically, there have been a lot of risks associated with trying to lighten up one’s skin shade. Individuals who wanted paler skin sometimes paid a high price, because of the lethal nature of the products they used to achieve their goal. The question is has anything much changed in the skin whitening game?

Until very recently, the only options available to people wanting to make their skin lighter in hue was to use a wide variety of chemical-based products, which basically burned off the outer layers of the skin. While these products did what they said on the tin, they nevertheless carried immense risks for the punters who used them. To put it plainly, people who failed to use these products exactly as instructed on the packaging were liable to end up hideously scarred for life.

skin whitening foreverThat’s why the government decided enough was enough a few years back. They banned the import and sale of these nasty chemical skin lighteners in a bid to safeguard the population from them.

To be fair, the government ban has been a major stride in the right direction. It is harder to get your hands on these chemicals nowadays as they have disappeared from the shelves of regular stores. On the other hand, the internet has provided a chink in the government’s armor, so determined individuals can still obtain these illegal products if they try hard enough, importing them illicitly using a raft of foreign shopping websites.

The good news for persons wanting to lighten their hides safely is that there now exists an alternative to the illegal chemical whiteners. There are holistic, all-natural products that currently offer people the chance to lighten their skin shade without recourse to those terrible harmful chemical agents that can destroy a person’s skin in minutes.

When individuals contemplate having lighter skin, they naturally want skin lightening forever, not just for a few short weeks or months. This aspect is another one where the latest products offer massive advantages, because the skin alteration takes place internally and leads to lasting change. By contrast, chemical skin whiteners simply blitz the outer layers of the skin, which fairly quickly grows back at the original shade.

If you are wondering how on earth it is possible to lighten up the color of one’s skin without using chemical nasties, the answer lies in dietary adjustment. Apparently, by necking large quantities of certain foods (which are all natural foodstuffs and good for one’s body anyway), one can trick one’s body into producing lesser amounts of the melanin that makes skin darker.

While some may doubt that such a skin transformation is realistic simply by altering the day to day diet, the fact remains that large numbers of web users are singing the praises of these products. Probably the best thing people should do is try one of these products out to see how it performs. Unlike chemical skin whiteners, there are no hazards associated with use of the product so there is nothing whatsoever to fear.