How to get more free followers on instagram through interactivity

News 10:07 July 2024:

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Most people think that instagram is all about glam and who posts the highest number of colorful photos. However, for someone who has tried and failed terribly, I can assure you that attracting more free likes and free followers on instagram requires more than a glamorous picture of your pet or yourself. Being interactive with other instagram users for instance can help you get more followers than just by posting plain photos.

In fact, people visit social media to interact with others. And liking other people’s posts and appreciating their photos is what makes instagram thrive. In most cases, the more you interact with other people on instagram is the more likely they will be interested in liking or following you on the social media platform. Think about it from a logical perspective. How many times have you followed someone because they liked or made a positive comment on one of your posts? The same logic you used is what drives people to follow you. And the more you stay active and interactive on instagram, the more free followers you are likely to attract on instagram. Note however that you have to post quality photos all the time if you are to make people feel interested in following you.