Make It a Habit

News 11:07 July 2024:

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In our contemporary times, information is quick and data can be delivered in an instant and there are several ways we can send and communicate with others: either calling them on the phone or texting, sending emails and chat, and apps like Snapchat can convey your messages to others. You have to make it a habit to be responsible of what we say online especially with our videos and chat messages. And our followers can be younger than the legal age and may cause them to misbehave because of what we say because they tend to imitate us. You can’t just post all the things you wanted to post on the internet especially with Snapchat.

Make it a habit to review everything we post and not just clicking the next button to post it right away.  Snapchat Followers may come and go but the influence we have with them determines also on how they will see life.  The millennials are different from the previous generations and are more sensitive to issues that concerns them. So, before clicking the next button, make it a habit to be a responsible netizen and think about what others could feel. We can enjoy using it with responsible usage.